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Harry 12 Years old

Henry is a 12 year old boy with profound physical and sensory needs. He requires full adult assistance for all his mobility and care needs and is unable to move independently. Within Suffolk children such as Henry are provided with specialist seating systems that meet their needs. Unfortunately funding is only available for a single seating system within the home. The seat that Henry has is a JCM Triton chair and costs in excess of £4000; this chair is perfect for Henry for when he engages in sensory play and integrating with his family. However, Henry would benefit from a comfy-style seating system in his home environment. This is a chair that still provides optimal postural support to maintain his alignment to the best of our abilities, but in addition allows him to relax in a reclined and supportive way.

TJ who is 13 years old.

In May 2009, TJ developed (LGS) Lennon-Gastaut sysndrome which is a life long illness and he desperately needs around the clock care and attention. The family can have a care dog but require help with transport and accomodation costs which will be incurred when training a Sezuire response dog to help care for TJ as this will help him and his family.

Aiden who is 15 years old.
Aiden requires a rigorous daily treatment regime that is designed to slow the progress of chronic lung disease
This includes Physiotherapy to clear thick mucus from his chest; Oral and intravenous Antibiotics to treat repeated chest infections; Special high fat and protein diet with additional vitamin supplements and Pancreatic enzymes with all food to aid digestion to help minimise weight loss.
In association with The Butterfly Trust we are helping towards the cost of transport to and from hospital as well as additional food costs incurred as a result of a hospital admission for Aiden.
Aiden's Mum provides a significant level of care for him, his brother Conner and his sister Stephanie, who all have Cystic Fibrosis.

AP141. Alexander who is who is 12 year old.
The Family live in Suffolk.
Illness: Partial Edward's Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Autism, Renal Failure and learning difficulties. The family has had to have the home adapted to meet Alexandra's needs, They are in need of financial support to help with the shortfall of funds to complete the adaptation of his bedroom and bathroom needs.

AP140. Alexander who is 7 year old.
The family live in London.
Illness: Severe Autism. Alexandra's doctor recommends that he has Multifunctional therapy as it will benefit him greatly. he has benefited previously from this type of therapy and responded very well. Unfortunately the funds are no longer available for this. The family are in need of further funding to continue this type of therapy.

AP139. William who is 4 year old
The family live in Doncaster
Illness. Chronic lung disease, Severe uncontrollable epilepsy, Hemiplegia, Brain damage, Autism, Severely visually impaired and is massively global impaired. His visual aids teacher has recommended that William has an ipad which would provide visual stimulation and hand eye coordination, In William's case it would, in particular, help the formation of visual pathways to the brain.

AP138. Elijah who is 4 year old.
The family live in London.
Illness. Autism, ADHD, non-verbal and has extremely limited concentration. It has been demonstrated that the use of an ipad with Autism specific appose assist well with concentration and building basic communication. The family are in need of an ipad to continue this progression

AP138. Isaiah who is 12 year old.
The family live in London.
Illness. Autism and ADHD.

AP137. Request from Great Ormond Street Hospital
Details to be kept confidential

AP136. Rebekah who is 9 year old.
The family live in Norfolk

AP135.Aroob who is 4 year old.
The family live in Sheffield.
Illness: Unexplained hypotonia with severe development delay, myoclonic epilepsy, PEG feeds and sleep disturbance. in need of a shower chair as Aroob has to have 3/4 showers a day. Aroob is now causing mum severe back pain holding her as she weighs 20kg

AP134. Brian House Children's Hospice
Funding to help provide respite care, palliative and end of life care in a "home from home" environment.

AP132. Kacey who is 12 year old.
The family live in East Lothiam

AP132. Michael who is 9 year old.
The family live in East Lothiam

AP131. Harry who is 1 year old.
The family live in Chatham.

AP129. Erin who is 4 year old
The family live in Chester.
Illness: High risk acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Erin is having ongoing chemotherapy until April 2015.

AP094. Kira who is 1 year old.
The family live in Liverpool.
Illness: Kira has had surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital, she has been diagnosed with Secundum atrial septal defect, Failure to thrive with gastrostomy, gastroesophageal reflux, dislocated hip, hypothyroidism and chromosome abnormality

AP061. Parker who is 2 year old.
The family live in Warrington.
Illness: Very rare type of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. the cancer has attached itself to his prostate gland/bladder. He's having this treated with Chemotherapy. The consultant at Alderhey hospital Liverpool have decided the best treatment/surgery would be brachytherapy administered in Paris followed by more chemotherapy in the UK.
Family, Family friends and local businesses are helping Buttercup Children's Trust to raise funds for Parker.

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