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Apply For Funding.

The trustees will consider all grant applications that they believe will improve the quality of life of a child.

Applying for a grant is a simple process of either;

1. Download and complete the application form here.

2. Email/Telephone our office for an application form to be sent to you.

Application Form (Word Document)

Application Form (PDF Document)

Please complete and return.

Items that will not be considered:

Mobile Telephones.

Holidays/Respite outside of the UK.

Hot tubs

Each application is reviewed by our family support officer and passed on the trustees at their next meeting.

You will need to supply documentation of the illness or disability (such items as hospital referrals, letters from social workers and bank statements Etc.)

The applications will then be discussed at the next trustees meeting where a final decision will be made.

Our area of benefit is within the United Kingdom only.

The Trustees meetings are held Quarterly where applications for funding and grants are considered.

All applications must be accompanied with medical evidence and proof of income.

The trustees respectfully ask that you do not re-apply within a two year period.